The Dough Hobo

For those luscious pumpkins seeking to be baked with joy,
Harken to the tale of a sweet potato, peels-berry dough-boy.

He was intended to be baked as Dough-Over-Sauce,
Or as binary biscuits better know it, simpy DOS,
Along with a gravy chosen for a delicious dine with fine wine,
In the fabulous feast featuring a beast boding on the brine.

With knack for knowledge, he was kneaded on that knoll,
So his good-luck streak just seemed on a roll,
But he ran off to a recipe where beautiful flours fear to tread,
Because, after all, that's the way he was bread.

Joining a menu that originated well away from the coast,
One that required very little dough with the roast,
It was designed to be cooked -- well, the most,
So after broiling was done -- man, he was Toast!

                        --- Crockett Grabbe