I cannot believe the false claims that are coming out because I have applied scientific analysis to the collapses of buildings in the World Trade Center on that fateful day of September 11, 2001.

A case in point came out very recently by somebody from Austin named JL Vernon, who strongly verbally assaulted me for the fact that I spoke at the Austin Science & Engineering Festival (ASEF), virtually libeling me. Of course he mentioned nothing I said during my hour lecture (in which I showed 37 slides), nor did he show any evidence of attending or listening to my lecture, nor did he know anything about me previously. Despite those facts, he assaulted me personally as a scientist purely based on my talk title and the abstract presented for the attendees! He claims "a hoax has been perpetrated" because I "presented myself as a scientist in order to earn a position as guest speaker at the ASEF Lecture series". What nonsense, a completely fabricated lie.

I am Crockett Grabbe and received a PhD in Applied Physics from Caltech in 1978, having receiving my Bachelors of Science with Highest Honors from University of Texas in 1972 (3 years after entering), and completing my Masters in 1973. I have engaged in research for 38 years, starting with research for my Seniors Honors Thesis, then my Master's Thesis and PhD Thesis. Most recent were 2 short papers I published this year in Journal of Engineering Mechanics and the Physics of Plasmas. I have published over 100 scientific papers, all or part of 5 scientific books, and 3 books and about 25 articles for the general public. I was a research scientist at the University of Iowa (UI) for 29 years before just moving down here to Austin, leaving UI permanently in May of 2010. SeaLane Research & Consulting is my home-based business (which I started as SeaLane Consulting in Iowa in 2002), out of which I have done research, consulting, speaking, writing, and training.

It is amazing how Vernon tried to slur me with "conspiracy theories" and "Alex Jones" even though I never mentioned anything close to those words in my lecture, nor did I used them in previous lectures in New York City, St, Louis, Iowa City or Des Moines. He says "The problem is that they [the 'tiny fringe element'] and apparently ... Grabbe use unscientific methods to support their 'scientific' arguments in order to deceive uninformed citizens". That is patently false! I presented an hour of scientific facts and scientific evidence, showing error after scientific error the government made in their studies. Yes, there were probably "uninformed citizens" attending, and I defintely informed them about several scientific facts that never make the news. Claiming I "apparently ... use unscientific methods" to "deceive them" is completely false -- "apparently" a lie.

Vernon states "I feel that Grabbe has no business spreading his bogus science in this venue." What an incredible lie! He evidently did not attend, cites absolutely no specifics to support his claim, knows nothing about my scientific background, yet he calls my science bogus! He then implies I am "lead by the 'King Whackjob' Alex Jones", when again I have never had any association with that guy. I had published 3 papers on the WTC Collapses and been interviewed on New York TV on the topic before I ever heard who has was (recall I was living in Iowa then).

Let me quote some more lies Vernon wrote:

1. "Unfortunately, the screeners at ASEF were surely duped by the misleading but impressive language and impression that he is undeniably a 'scientist' as presented by Grabbe."

I gave no "misleading...language" and fully presented my correct scientific credentials to the organizer. Those credentials include the strong research and publication experience described above, for which I have been profiled several years in Who's Who in Science and Engineering, as well as in Contemporary Authors and in Writer's Biography.

2. "Grabbe's... views ... have not been scrutinized by the peer-review process and should not be accepted as scientifically-endorsed concepts."

I in fact have presented 6 scientific papers on WTC Collapses, with 4 published after a "peer-review process" and 2 presented at physics conferences (at an American Physical Society meeting in St. Louis in 2008, and at an American Association of Physics Teachers meeting in Chicago in 2009). No physicist in the audience challenged me in the Q&A sessions for either of those papers I presented -- I in fact got enthusiastic applause.

3. "I find it unfortunate that his staff was deceived by an unscrupulous impostor."

I certainly am no "impostor", nor am I "unscrupulous"! In fact, the only one who appears to be an impostor is Vernon himself, who has "unscruoulously" attacked me for the lecture based purely on the abstract, apparently never bothering to attend nor to find out anything about me, yet painted a totally fabricated picture of me as if he knew.

In short, Vernon knows virtually nothing indeed of what he is talking about on the World Trade Center Collapses, nothing about me and incredibly, apparently nothing about what I said in my lecture, yet turned his ignorance on the subject into a attack on me as a scientist, completely falsely potraying me. He needs to be educated on the scientific facts and the scientific evidence I presented in the lecture at ASEF. Then he needs learn to engage in sensible discourse on the topic without making personal attacks against me.