The World Trade Center Collapse: Waiting for a Fuse

Crockett Grabbe

As this nation returns to the reality of everday life after the monstrous, despicable attacks against America by terrorists, an overwhelming question is: What really caused the collapse of the twin towers of the World Trade Center that slaughtered almost 7,000 people from 80 countries? Many may conclude that the building structure of the World Trade Center twin towers was poorly designed with fire retardants that the heat from the airliner explosions within an hour caused catastrophic destruction of the south tower, and in less than 2 hours the north tower. However, the evidence overwhelmingly supports a different conclusion: this collapse was in fact caused by explosive devices planted well in advance - explosives just waiting there to be triggered by the heat of the airplanes crashing into the towers to result in their collapse.

The belief that explosives caused the breakup of the buildings of the World Trade Center was noted by Van Romero, vice president for research at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology shortly after the attack on September 11, as reported in the Alberquerque Journal. He was experienced in studying explosions while he was director of the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center at New Mexico Tech. He noted that the collapse of the buildings was "too methodical" and too unlikely to be a chance result of the airplane collisions. In addition, he noted that terrorists are known to often accompany a diversionary attack that attracts rescue personnel with a secondary device that catches them in a trap.

The evidence from the observations of the collapse itself supports that conclusion, that explosive charges had been laid to collapse the towers. It is known that the steel structures making up buildings can perform badly in a fire without adequate fire retardents, and with hot fires can lose their strength to hold the huge stresses in a building like the World Trade Center. However, if that was the critical problem, the collapse would follow a definitely different path than was observed. Evidence for the structural degradation would likely appear before the final collapse, and the process would accelerate toward catastrophe.

Without explosives, the initial structural degradation upon collapse would not be accomapnied so quickly by the huge dust and massive debris clouds. These dust clouds appeared so quickly because they were created by explosions. For the south tower the plane had only hit the corner of the building and most of the fire quickly flared outside the building upon collision. There was more limited damage from the collision, but that building collapsed first when explosives were ignited. In the case of the north tower, the plane hit higher so that it took longer for the fire to reach the explosives, which upon detonation pulled apart the weakened steel structure above it that had been burning. The dust clouds and destruction covered a much larger area as a result.

Terrorists were likely bringing those explosives in over a period of time, sealing and hiding them at convenient locations that could not be spotted. These probably included sealing them inside concrete and metallic structures, where they would not be detected for a long time. The fact that many thousands members of the public went through the World Trade Center everyday probably made it easy for this to be done. Even though Security had been stepped up since the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, undoubtedly very few in that Security imagined the despicable scheme of hate that was being laid.

Having cells of terrorists working to hide these explosives over time is quite consistent with their methodical development of the plans of terror through meticulously studying plane flights and by learning to fly airplanes over time. Their failed effort to destroy the towers in 1993 showed them the importance of having the explosives strategically placed. Their intent all these years was the same as they described in the 1993 attack: to knock down and destroy the twin towers.

Through destructive preparation by laying explosives and planning the evil deeds leading up to September 11, the terrorists finally succeeded in destroying the World Trade Center, leaving us with the massive slaughter of thousands of fellow Americans, bodies tied up in millions of tons of burning rubble, and sad memories of what this country once had. It is incumbent upon all of us to never be fooled by anything like this again.

  • Crockett Grabbe of Iowa City, IA is both a research physicist and a speaker

  • Written: September 22

    Revised: September 25

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