The 9/11 False Story that "No-Planes Hit the Towers"

A popular theory on 9/11, the spokesman for which is Morgan Reynolds, often listed as "in coalition with Judy Woods" because she promotes that in conjunction with her "laser beam weapon theory", is that no planes hit the Towers. The view of the plane coming in to hit the South Tower is often used to claim those images were faked.[1]

Passenger lists for these planes have been listed for years [2], but the claim is that the plane & their collisions were faked, so that these established lists would not be correct. So let us look at a linked video which shows the plane crash at the South Tower as seen from the bottom of the Tower.[3] The video shows that after the collision a fireball came out of the South Tower when all the plane's fuel spilled out above, and all the nearby commotion created by the collision, including the firemen calling "Mayday" in the 36 sec video.

Notice in particular a very-telling view 13 sec into the video. Several seconds after the South Tower collision & fireball outside the Tower, the remnant of the moving plane after the collision comes out of the Tower (see Fig. 1). What you see in the flyin-remnant Figure is 2 badly serrated & bent wings, with a connector holding them together. & one of the engines still operating & producing exhaust. The plane's fuselage, containing all the passengers, has separated from that remnant, & crashes below on top of Building 5 at the WTC. This remnant continues flying for 3 blocks past the WTC before hitting the ground.

So the wreckage of the UA-175 hitting the South Tower ends up in 3 places: the fuselage is atop Building 5 of the WTC, the landing gear (the flying remnant) is 3 blocks past the WTC, and the other engine, which also separated in the Tower collision, comes to rest about 0.5 block from that.

AA-11 hitting the North Tower struck more solidly in the center of the Tower. The best view of the collision may be the one shown by Al Jazeera.[4] However, the landing gear remnant of that plane continued on thru the Tower and crashed 3 blocks away from it in the opposite direction (the North Tower AA-11 was flying opposite that of UA-175 causing the South Tower collision).

The crash remains of the planes at the South & North Tower, in Shanksville, PA, and at the Pentagon are all displayed online.[5] There is no fakery, & Morgan Reynold's theory is completely wrong. for expert analytical consulting

Flying remnant of plane after hitting the South Tower and having the fuselage & one engine torn off, with badly damaged wings & the other engine still operating.


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