Testimonial from a Member of the Audience

"[I am] a psychiatrist in New York City honored by Mayor Blumberg for my work in counseling victims and families in the days & weeks following the tragedy. Initially becoming aware of Dr. Grabbe through internet articles & videos on 911 issues, I then heard him at the 911 Conference in New York City in 2007. Dr. Crockett Grabbe... couples his skills with the strong ability to communicate these issues in ways that non-scientists can quickly understand.

Of all the presentations during this 2-day conference, his lecture was clearly the most significant. Many in the audience stated Dr. Grabbe had clarified the fundamental issues in ways that others had not. Detailing in a most interesting manner the essential facts and evidence, he showed clearly how the government NIST reports are not credible, but make claims that defy several fundamental principles of physics. The large crowd...gave Dr. Grabbe an enthusiastic, sustained, standing ovation. The organizer...stated his address should be heard throughout the US & much of the world."

-- Ralph Speken, New York, NY