"Stupidly going into Iraq"

Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton for her vote for the US "stupidly going into Iraq". The fact was, Congress overwhelmingly voted for the US to "stupidly" go into Iraq because in 2003 because of the deception of the Bush administration.

President George W. Bush claimed Iraq had tried to obtain centrifuge tubes from Africa for making nuclear weapons, which was a lie because Joe Wilson had just investigated that claim in a trip to the claimed source (Niger), & showed it was in fact wrong. Yet that lie influenced 77 in the Senate & 297 in the House to vote for the US "stupidly going into Iraq" because of 9/11 (which Iraq appears to have had nothing to do with.) That move, overwhelming vote for, was stupid, but was engendered because of a lie. Hillary's error was, like over 300 others in Congress, believing President Bush's lie, & she admitted it long ago.