Misleading the Young

Michael Huckabee released an animated video targeted to early school-age children claiming the History of the 9/11 was that Al-Queda "Moslim terrorists"[1] caused the destruction. However this is clearly false, as basic scientific analysis presented in my new online book National Swindle of the World Trade[2] exposes. I show that the 3 building collapses were definitely NOT caused by terrorists running planes into the 2 Towers, & expose the scientific errors of 50 or so NIST Reports.

The online book has 7 chapters & 37 color photos and can be download from my website SeaLane.org . The very strong forces & very high temperatures & nanothermite found everywhere in the building rubble demonstrate it had a completely independent cause, implying much more was involved. I would encourage ALL citizens to download and read a copy of it, because the government documents and Huckabee's video are WRONG. I state this as an Applied Physicist with a PhD from Caltech (1978) & over 30 years of experience doing research.

1. A contradiction of terms. In general those of the Moslem faith do NOT accept terrorism and murder and clearly oppose this.

2. C Grabbe, National Swindle of the World Trade Center, available for download online at SeaLane.org .