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National Swindle

on the World Trade Center

Crockett Grabbe, Ph.D.

Humanity's Sphere

2nd Edition

Copyright © 2011, 2013 by SeaLane Press


The critics of all who question the official explanation of the 9/11 events and present contradictory information quite often refer to them as "conspiracy theorists", a term used to downplay these unofficial views. As a response to these critics, I present Chapters 1 thru 6 purely as scientifically-sound analyses of the major issues of what broughts down the buildings in the World Trade Center on that fateful day of September 11. 2001. I expose the scientific swindle that the American people have been presented with to explain those events.

Who am I to present this analysis that stands the nearly 50 reports by the NIST Committee on their head? I am a scientist who received a PhD in Applied Physics from Caltech in 1978, having receiving my Bachelors of Science with Highest Honors from University of Texas in 1972 (3 years after entering), and completing my Masters in 1973. I have engaged in physics research for nearly 40 years, having published well over 100 scientific papers, and all or part of 5 scientific books. I have also published 3 previous books and about 30 articles for the general public. This book, with the 1st edition written in 2011, is the 4th.

I was a research scientist at the University of Iowa (UI) for nearly 30 years before recently moving down to Austin, leaving UI permanently in May of 2010. SeaLane Research & Consulting is my home-based business, out of which I do research, consulting, speaking, writing, and training. I present scientific facts and scientific evidence in this book, writing it for the general public to understand. A Glossary is included to help in that understanding.

When the NIST Committee on 9/11 put out its 2005 Final Report on the collapses of each of the Twin Towers, they showed very little of the actual destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) in it.[1] Yet the old saying that "a picture of worth a thousand words" is in the case of actual destruction of the WTC an underestimate. In these days of computer simulations pictures can be worth many gigabytes of data -- billions of words. But few pictures on how the Towers fell were presented in that "Final Report". They formulated a "probable collapse sequence", but did not make comparisons to how the Towers were actually observed to fall. It was suggested that the latter were not important, since the focus of the Committee was on what happened up to the moment each Tower collapsed.

A focus of this book is to present pictures of selected salient details of what happened at the WTC. One can infer a lot of scientific facts of what happened from them, and apply scientific principles to those facts. This job was left undone by the NIST Committee -- on either the 2005 Final Report for the Towers, or the 2008 Final Report on Building 7.[1,2]

I would like to acknowledge 2 people whose work helped inspire this book. One is Dr. Jim Hoffman, a source of sound science who has both written and maintained many documents at the 911 Research site since the 2005 NIST Final Report on the Towers, and these documents have been consistently on the web to expose fallacies of the NIST Reports for all to see. The other is colleague Prof. Steven Jones, a physicist who stood up for scientific evidence when he was put down by his university and others for his work pursuing sound physics. I would also to thank a number of people for comments they have made on speeches I have given and writings I have published, including those of this book: Lenny Charles, Tim Eastman, Richard Gage, Ralph Speken, David Griffin, Donald Stahl, as well as Professors Bob Merlino, Ed Norbeck and Ed McCliment at the University of Iowa.

This book is dedicated to the memory of all (nearly 3,000 people) that were brutally murdered (as well as those seriously injured) in the attacks on the World Trade Center. The figure on the cover of the book (the same as Figure 9 of Chapter 3), that was taken from the air, shows the collapse of the North Tower on September 11, 2001 and is displayed on the 911 Research site. It shows the tremendous explosions that murdered over 1300 people. One goal for the book is to help eventually bring all their murderers to justice.


[1] NIST Investigation Committee, Final Report on the Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers, 2005.

[2] NIST Investigation Committee, Final Report on the Collapse of Building of the World Trade Center Towers, 2008.

<em>National Swindle</em> book

National Swindle of the World Trade Center

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:  9/11 and the World Trade Center
        1.1 Initial Assessment
        1.2 Early Documented Facts
        1.3 Engineering the Twin Towers 
        1.4 Early Investigations

Chapter 2:  The South Tower Collapse
        2.1 Early Stage of the Tower Collapse
        2.2 Later Stage of the Tower Collapse

Chapter 3:  The North Tower Collapse
        3.1 Early Stage of the Tower Collapse
        3.2 Latter Stages of the Collapse 
        3.3 Conclusions on the Collapse 

Chapter 4:  Collapse of Building 7 of the WTC
        4.1 Could Fires Have Caused the Collapse?
        4.2 Examining Aspects of the NIST Committee's 2008 Report
        4.3 Examining Specific Claims in the "Dark Fire" article
        4.4 Concluding Comments on the Fall of WTC-7

Chapter 5:  Very High Temperatures and Forces in the Collapses
        5.1 Fires in Skyscrapers
        5.2 External Damage & Fires from the WTC Buildings
        5.3 Evaluating WTC Temperatures from Rubble Samples
Chapter 6:  What Really Brought the WTC Buildings Down
        6.1 Residue from Collapsed Buildings
        6.2 So How Did the South Tower Really Collapse?
        6.3 Then How Did the North Tower Really Collapse?
        6.4 Final Thoughts on the Collapsing Buildings

Chapter 7:  Abundance of the Evidence and More  
        7.1 Summary of the Evidence
        7.2 Reactions of Scientists, Architects, Engineers and Many Others 
        7.3 Interview with a FEMA Videographer of the Collapses at the WTC
        7.4 Who Put the Nano-thermite There?
        7.5 Analogies to the WTC Collapses Saga: the Dreyfus Affair and 
		the Soviet Anti-gene Campaign
        7.6 Final Words on 9/11 and the WTC Collapses         



<em>National Swindle</em> book

Guide to the Figures

Chapter 1:  9/11 and the World Trade Center
	Fig 1: Plane impacts at WTC map
	Fig 2: "War zone" destruction of WTC 
	Fig 3: Yellow-hot metal found in the waste
	Fig 4: Re-frozen block of melted metal
	Fig 5: Satellite map of thermal hot spots

Chapter 2:  The South Tower Collapse
	Fig 1: Towers just before collapse began
	Fig 2: Collapse starts with ejected squibs 
	Fig 3: Larger squibs 0.5 sec later
	Fig 4: Closeup view of a crack developing
	Fig 5: Large gray-cloud ejection 1.0 sec later
	Fig 6: New squib ejection 0.5 sec later
	Fig 7: White & gray-cloud expension 0.25 later
	Fig 8: Northern view showing top, clouds, beams 
	Fig 9: >50% collapse & disintegration of top
	Fig 10: Later view with low squib, fast pieces 

Chapter 3:  The North Tower Collapse
	Fig 1: Floor fires at 10:23 AM 
	Fig 2: Ejected smoke & new fire
	Fig 3: Ejected fireballs
	Fig 4: Multiple squibs in collapse
	Fig 5: Enhanced squib & ejected beam
	Fig 6: 3 stages of collapse
	Fig 7: Ejections upward & multi-story piece 
        Fig 8: Many-pieces coming down
	Fig 9: 100s of pieces & sections of the wall
	Fig 10: Aerial view of collapse with low explosions

Chapter 4:  Collapse of Building 7 of the WTC
	Fig 1: Framed sequence of WTC7's rapid collapse 
	Tab 1: WTC7's fall vs free fall in gravity

Chapter 5:  Very High Temperatures and Forces in the Collapses
	Fig 1: First Interstate Bank fire 
	Fig 2: One Meridian Plaza fire
	Fig 3: Windsor Building fire 
	Fig 4: Windsor Building skeleton after fire 
	Fig 5: Mandarin Oriental Hotel fire
	Fig 6: Car walloped from the WTC squibs
	Fig 7: Burning cars but not paper (eve after 9/11)
	Fig 8: Spherules in WTC dust from melting  

Chapter 6:  What Really Brought the WTC Buildings Down
	Fig 1: Red/gray chips in the WTC dust
	Fig 2: Molten iron coming down South Tower

The book with its 39 color photos in 7 chapters is $7.75 on