JFK Assassination Documents

Material is finally being released on the JFK assassination, 54 years after the assassination. Congress passed a bill in 1992 to have it released now, but in fact it was not all released! After all these years, it is still thought by the government that some of this material has to be kept from the public. Rather than believing all the news reports on this release, I would recommend that citizens compare the documents released to these 3 in-depth books on the JFK assassination. All 3 are linked to Amazon.com's display of the books online, where they can be ordered or otherwise further investigated.


A Farewell to Justice (Joan Mellon, 2007)

Joan Mellen is a Professor of English & creative writing at Temple University, who produced excellent detail on JFK's assassination & Jim Garrison by working with thousands of previously unreleased documents and using over 1,000 interviews with witnesses.

JFK (L. Fletcher Prouty, 2011)

Fletcher Prouty is a former Colonel of the U.S. Air Force who was the chief of special operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Kennedy. He presents abundant evidence on a history-shaking perspective that the assassination was a professionally executed coup d'etat.

Crossfire (Jim Marrs, 2013)

Jim Marrs is a Texas journalist who produced a huge mass of evidence & a stunning wealth of facts.